A Wonderful Week

So, this past week has been fun! Wednesday was my birthday so Paul took me out to dinner and a movie. Then, the next day it snowed! Which was totally cool as always! I love the snow! Then the next night we drove to Mississippi to see a friend who was playing a concert in Pascagoula. It was the Newsong Christmas Tour with Newsong, Rush of Fools, Chris Sligh, and Ayiesha Woods. The concert was pretty tite and it was good to see our friend Kevin too. The next day was Saturday which we spent mostly at the mall. It's always nice to get to spend extra time together. So all around it was a great week and I'm very thankful!


  1. I'm so glad you have the blog. Now we can keep up pretty easily. Glad to hear things are going well in N'awlins!

  2. Hey,
    Joy its christy im on
    amys account though.
    So how are things going?
    I hear ya'll live in New Orleans now.
    You crazy for likeing the snow.
    = D