So we went home to Georgia for Christmas...It was a whirlwind of time with family and friends; it was amazing but very tiresome! We got to spend Christmas Eve and part of Christmas morning with my grandparents, sister, brothers and nieces and it was so great! There are so many people that we miss alot whom we were actually able to see this trip! I love getting to spend time with our Georgia peeps and now our Florida peeps too. See, my mom and her new husband live in Tampa now as well as some of my aunts uncles and a cousin. Also, my dad and his wife live near Orlando. Paul's mom took the family to Disney for Christmas this year, so I was able to work in time with my parents while we were down there...which was nice. Disney/Universal was lots of fun, expecially getting to see our nephews enjoy it. The whole trip was nice since we don't usually get to spend such lengths of time with our families. This allowed us to get in some quality time. I have to say that we were glad to get home though since we spent almost 30 hours driving over the whole trip! We are already looking forward to our next trip to GA though! Whenever that may be!

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