WoW, it been a log time

So after catching up on some of my friend's blogs, I decided to give this blogging thing another shot.
I confess:
1.I've reapplied to Bible College and am once again having doubts.
2. I watch way too much tv lately.
3.I really miss my friends in Alabama and in Georgia.
4.I washed our car the other day for the first time this year.
5.I'm thinkin my husband is really cute.
6.I decided yesterday that I was going to be better about wearing sunscreen.
7. Today I got sunburnt.
8. I'm totally copying Malerie right now.
9. I haven't played guitar in a long time.
10. I haven't sung in a long time.
11. 9&10 make me sad.
12.I think I like the idea of the beach more than I actually like the beach.
13. I want to travel.
14.I'm excited about Paul starting seminary.
15. I love to paint
16. I don't paint as much as I would like.
17. Now that I work full time I'm a slacker in the kitchen.
18. I run now.
19. I'm working on getting better about 17.

1 comment:

  1. Keep the updates coming! Kevin and I would really love an excuse to visit your area so we'll have to let you know when time allows for us to travel. Miss you and hope all is well.