SO, Paul and I have lived in New Orleans for almost 10 months now! I can hardly believe it! Since we've been here, we've had some amazing peoples come and visit! Paul's parents came for his birthday in February. Kenneth and Christy, our friends from McCalla, came in March for a weekend. All of them got a chance to experience a little bit of "Carnival" or you would know it as Mardi gras. We had a blast! More recently my brother came for a couple of days and then one of my besties, Charissa, came to visit this past weekend which was a blast! We went to the French Market, Ate in the Quarter, and drove to the beach!! Love that girl! There is lots to see and do here and we are always eager to have people come for a visit!!! So, COME VISIT!!! :) I've posted a few pics from our various visits!

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