So, We've been visiting Edgewater Baptist for a few weeks now. We like it. We really enjoy the pastor(very Biblical) and they seem to be really involved in the community. These are things that we have been searching for! So, yay! We went to small groups this morning and apparently most of the people in the church either work or study at New Orleans Baptist Seminary. I'm talking Professors, Deans, and students....which could be good or it could just be weird. We haven't deciede which yet...lol. Please pray that we will get plugged in at whatever church/ ministry that God has us here for!

Random thoughts:

I just realized that my husband is doing the dishes! yay!
I think I want to paint today.
I think I'm developing an addiction to snoballs!
I made an icecream cake this week!
Strawberry/Peach snoball!!! YUMM-o

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